New BMW i4 Announced at Paris Auto Show

This October at the Paris Motor Show, BMW made an exciting announcement: a new electric vehicle will be released in 2021. It called the new vehicle the BMW i4, adding another model to BMW’s prestigious i Division line. The i Division features state-of-the-art electric vehicle technology cased in sophisticated BMW designs.

BMW hasn’t unveiled any formal details about the i4, but industry experts assume that it will be either a sedan or coupe. Harald Krüger, who is Chairman of the Board of Management for BMW, promised that the i4 will be light, dynamic, and easily handled on the road. It will also feature cutting-edge connectivity technology, making the vehicle distinctly modern and forward-thinking.

The i4 is not the only electric vehicle from BMW that it will release in the coming years. BMW has also unveiled plans for a MINI EV, an iX3 electric crossover, and more. The automaker intends to offer 25 plug-in hybrid electric vehicles in its lineup by 2025, showing that innovative electric vehicle technologies are central to the brand’s future.

Although known for their futuristic aesthetic, BMW announced that its EVs going forward will be more conventionally designed, focusing on driving dynamics rather than unusual design. However, BMW is virtually incapable of doing anything boring, so we’re sure its EV cars will still continue to lead the industry in terms of sophisticated, modern design.

We are excited about BMW’s strides into electrification. If you want to learn more or test-drive an electric BMW yourself, come to BMW of Fort Wayne.