New BMW Models to Debut at Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance

Several new BMW models are set to debut at the 2019 Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance set during Monterey Car Week in August, including production models and concept vehicles.

BMW Group will hold a press conference on the morning of Aug. 15 on the 18th green of the Pebble Beach Golf Course to announce the new vehicles. The new production models will be based on last year’s concept, the BMW Concept M8 Gran Coupe.

In addition, BMW will premiere two new concept cars: the hybrid sports car BMW Vision M Next and a recreation of the 1970 BMW Garmisch concept. Displaying these two cars together makes a powerful statement about the brand’s commitment to preserving the past while making strides toward the future.

The Vision M NEXT is the latest in the BMW NEXT line of concepts designed to show how the technology of the future could be incorporated into the BMW lineup. But while previous NEXT concepts have emphasized autonomous technology, the 600-horsepower Vision M NEXT plug-in hybrid is designed for the driving lovers of the future.

The Garmisch concept is faithfully designed to look as much as possible as the 1970 model, despite limited documentation of its specs and design and the sole concept ever made having disappeared decades ago.

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BMW Hypercar May Be in the Works

While cars like the BMW M lineup are undeniably fast, a BMW hypercar would take that speed and agility to the next level. The BMW M performance division has been wanting to make a hypercar model for years, but it has to wait for approval from the top brass.

According to several BMW executives, the brand has been talking about a mid-engine hypercar design, but it does not have a current model that would work for its foundation. One possibility would be a hybridized high-performance coupe similar to the BMW i8.

 If this idea comes to fruition, the BMW i and M divisions could potentially work together to make sure the new hybrid model would also work for a hypercar design.

“They can remain distinct  entities because i does not stand for electrification… both of our companies use electric powertrains,” Markus Flasch, CEO of BMW M, said during an interview with Motoring. “This doesn’t mean a conflict, because M will always stand for performance… i will stand for innovation, incubation of new technology, autonomous driving.”

If this joint design comes to fruition, we might see a hybrid hypercar design around 2023. It could have a total system output in excess of 700 horsepower and a starting price over $150,000.

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The Best Car Accessories Every Driving Enthusiast Should Have

Aftermarket car accessories are the perfect way to upgrade your vehicle without having to spend much money. For extra safety and fun, check out our list of the best car accessories every driver should at least consider.


Jump Starter Kit

Most drivers have broken down from a dead battery at some time. In these situations, basic jumper cables are usually the go-to tool. But what if there isn’t another car around? A battery-powered jump starter kit removes this level of uncertainty, allowing you to quickly jump your own car no matter where you are.


Car Key Locator

If you’ve ever been late because of a misplaced set of car keys, the Tile car key locator should be on your shopping list. This cool device attaches to your keychain, after which you can track it with a smartphone app if you can’t quite remember where you put your keys down.


Dash Cam

Dash cams are the best way to safely record all of your favorite drives. And the best thing is, they’re better and more affordable than ever before. If you have ever wished you could capture some of your more memorable drives, a dash cam is a great addition to any car.


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The Best Driving Apps to Boost Efficiency and Cut Down on Boredom

Whether you drive for work or just drive to work, the time we spend behind the wheel quickly adds up. Because we spend so much time in our cars, it’s important to use this time as efficiently as possible. Luckily, there are plenty of apps to help with just that. If you’re not sure where to start, be sure to check out our favorite driving apps that are sure to save you time and money while keeping you entertained.



There are several great navigation apps out there, but Waze is different in that it is updated in real time with information from other drivers, so you know right away about any unusual traffic due to things like accidents and unexpected road closures. If you like to find the quickest route possible, this one is definitely for you.



Especially if you drive as part of your job, keeping track of your mileage accurately can be a pain. MileIQ solves this problem by automatically tracking your total mileage and also keeping tabs on the number of drives and start/stop times.



While not strictly speaking a driving app, podcast app Castbox makes our list because it easily turns even the most boring drive into some much-needed relaxation time. No matter what you’re into, you’re sure to find a podcast on Castbox that you’ll love somewhere amongst the more than 50 million episodes available.


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Innovative Hybrid System of the BMW i8 Wins International Engine of the Year Award

For the fourth year in a row, the BMW i8 has snagged the top spot in its category in the International Engine of the Year Awards. As the world’s leading competition in engine innovation and technology, this is no small feat. The BMW i8’s powertrain has established itself in a class of its own, offering an exceptional plug-in hybrid drive system with reduced fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.


Debuted in 2014, the i8 system has created shockwaves across the industry. Upon release, it won the best new engine award as well as various overall innovation and design awards. As a plug-in hybrid sports car, the system is truly remarkable and is pioneering the future of PHEV technology.


The 2018 i8 can produce up to 231 horsepower from its gas engine and an additional 143 horsepower from its electric motor. The lively sports car boasts an all-electric driving range of 34 miles and an innovative all-wheel-drive system, in which the electric motor supplies power to the front axle and the gas engine supplies power to the rear axle.* This advanced power system can speed from zero to 60 mph in a mere 4.4 seconds, allowing you to conquer the road and accelerate into the future of automotive driving.


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